Public Relations Creation and Management of Campaigns

As public relations experts, we have the ability to run and manage your PR campaign, including the research and creation of  your press release.  We ensure these releases are delivered and rebroadcast to the publications and social media that are most likely to deliver your message to your intended audience.

Social Media Strategies & Consulting

You know you should be promoting your business via social media, but how do you do it? We hear this question often, and we can help by recommending, building and implementing social media strategies customized to your business objectives.

  • We will provide you with an in depth plan for your social media campaign based on an analysis of your business.
  • We will build and establish your social media campaign and work with your staff, instructing them on how they should manage it on a daily basis.
  • We will recommend, build and maintain your social media marketing plan for you.

Whether you need a recommendation or would like us to manage your entire social media campaign, we can help.

If you don’t think your business need to be involved in social media, watch this.

eNewsletter Marketing, Management of Databases, Creative and Execution of Communications

Email marketing campaigns are designed to directly reach your clients inbox.  Elegantly written content does more than keep potential clients informed about your organization it  leads to valuable conversions.

To ensure that you are  receiving your clients’ attention and reaching as many people as possible, expert advice is critical in setting up your email marketing campaign. At Shane PR, Inc., we are committed to helping you maximize the potential of your campaigns, and by inviting us into your confidence we can help you by:

  1. Assistance in building your contact list to reach the maximum number of potential clients and corporate clients. B2B & B2C.
  2. Integrating an API feed into your email collections by category.
  3. Tailoring your email marketing campaign to your specific industry context and scale of operations.
  4. Developing a waterfall to engage and keep clients.
  5. Making sure that your messages are functional and beautiful across email clients and platforms, including mobile and tablets.
  6. Coaching you on campaign design and maintenance, including hands-on training with our email marketing application Pinpointe.
  7. Offering a lead-nurturing campaign for your marketing site, blog and all social media.
  8. Providing a post-purchase email campaign to help with up-sells and increase repeat purchases.
  9. Delivery to agreed upon lists.
  10. Using predictive send to ensure maximum open rates.
  11. Rebroadcasts of original email campaign to openers – defined E-Newsletter & Rebroadcast Fees are $350 for a subject change, $700 for new HTML. Why? Because repetition is a key component of marketing; each time a consumer sees your brand, it increases the probability of purchase. Rebroadcast e-mails are opened an average of 46%.  Most consumers need to see a message 7 – 20 times* for it to resonate in their minds. The goal of any marketing e-mail is to reach buyers, and with cyclical products only a certain subset of the distribution list will be potential customers at any given time. That is why it is so important to design a campaign with an ongoing, repeated message, and which utilizes rebroadcasts. Research shows:
    • Some consumers will buy immediately
    • Some will buy within 60 days
    • Some will plan to go back, and it slips their mind until they are reminded again
    • Some will get distracted by other offers or life in general and lose interest
    • Research shows over 23% of mobile readers will open it again later

       *The Journal of Advertising Research, Advertising Research Foundation 2000

  12. Reporting of most popular links opened.
  13. Management of your database.
  14. Technical requirements in place.

Website Design & Architecture

After analyzing your business needs, we work with you to design and build an effective Web presence for your company. Your site can be as simple or elaborate as your business needs require, including design, site architecture, acquiring images, content and supplier relationships.

Mobile & Applications

The key to a successful mobile platform is utility and entertainment. Merging an app or mobile site with these two objectives in mind is an integrated part of how we think. Any app or mobile site has to perform a benefit for the consumer or the positive perception of your brand will be lost. We identify your business objectives and apply rational and research-based filters that start to carve out the platform (mobile or iPad) then we identify the execution (mobile site, app, text campaign, mobile couponing, etc.).