Public Relations, Social Media Strategies & Management 

Shane & Shane is a full-service Public Relations, Social Media Strategy & Management Firm with 17+ years of experience working with businesses to leverage print, television, radio, internet plus all media influencers to expand markets and clientele.

The innovative and experienced team of Shane and Shane, Inc. endeavors to create highly personalized campaign strategies with set key performance indicators to ensure our clients the maximum return on their investment. We take our commitment to excellence seriously and strive to exceed expectations in every circumstance.

Our clients have been lauded by the world’s most influential publications and writers.

  • One of …. “The Best Sites for Deals and Up-to-Date Employment, Career & Lifestyle Information”
    (Employment, career & lifestyle + Leisure Magazine)
  • “Score Luxury Cruises at Bargain Prices” (The Street)
  • “Best site for cruise deals” (The Wall Street Journal)
  • “28 Best Employment, career & lifestyle Sites” (Kiplinger’s- multiple annual mentions)
  • “36 Web Addresses You Should Know” (The Washington Post)