Consulting $275 per hour

Our consulting services include the art of positioning your website and brand for mobile, maximum visibility among the billions of competitive sites, and offer the following:

Responsive layouts

  • The importance video stories will be playing in the coming years
  • The new Web language and how it will change the Web landscape
  • Defining the goals of your collection of website pages, images, text and videos
  • Best practices for design, navigation and the use of video
  • Conducting and demonstrating usability testing
  • Identifying and attracting a larger or niche target audience
  • Optimizing your newsletter to ensure value to consumers
  • Providing powerful copy writing to aim at search engine optimization
  • Evolving online mobile and marketing strategies
  • Capturing the essence of social media strategies and making them work for you
  • Unique techniques to provide sustainable growth for your business
  • Engineering an income generating website
  • Measuring your success

The Powerful Publicity Tool to Build Business Awareness

Public Relations Campaigns – $3500 per month

We produce creative ideas for market research, pitches, development, writing and editing of newsworthy stories to network with the media. Our firm engages a professional-use only, highly rated email tool compliant with all aspects and laws of bulk mailing communications.

Our tool includes access to all professional journalists who have opted in for travel related and or lifestyle related public relations releases.

We provide invoices for co-op upon request for PR and social media promotions.

Social Strategies, consulting – $275 per hour

Blog Creation and Management – $950 per month

Provide two custom blog stories per month, monitor blog comments and search words.

Facebook Site creation and management – $450 per month

Fully manage your Facebook site by adding compelling posts on a consistent basis, responding to consumer posts.

Twitter creation and management – $450 per month

Post a minimum of interesting and compelling 5 tweets per month; respond to direct messages from other twitter users.

Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and other social media accounts – $450 per month, per media

Website – Troubleshoot as needed, edit and keep content relevant

Representation at media shows – $2200 per event

This is a key way to network with travel and lifestyle media writing about the consumer market.

This entails pitching story ideas, networking with influencers in the business and presenting your business before, during and after the event.

Additional services available:

  • Website Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Electronic Page Turning Technology
  • E-Mail Newsletter Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Public Relations
  • Mobile and Applications

Package pricing available by calling +1 (248) 651-4491 or email

*Based on a minimum of a six-month agreement