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Re-Tree – Their Mission – To become a conduit for the protection and preservation of our planet’s ecosystem.

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Cruise ship bookings strong for 2021 despite coronavirus
Fox Business Network / Varney & Co.
April 13, 2020
Stuart Varney interviews CruiseCompete CEO Bob Levinstein on why vacationers are still interested in future cruise ship trips amid coronavirus concerns:

CruiseCompete is ranked as “The Best” in Travel and Cruises by the Wall Street Journal and Kiplinger’s for 2009 and has consistently been recognized by the media as one of the top travel sites:

  • Score Luxury Cruises at Bargain Prices–The Street.com
  • The Wall Street Journal’s “The ‘Best In’… Travel” (Nov. 2009)
  • Kiplinger’s “2009 Best List: Travel…Cruises” (Dec. 2009)
  • Kiplinger’s “28 Best Travel Sites”
  • The Washington Post – “36 Web Addresses You Should Know”
  • SmartMoney – “To find the best deal on any given cruise, compare prices on CruiseCompete.com.”
  • Pauline Frommer/MSNBC – CruiseCompete will… “Change how you shop for cruises”
  • About.com – Family Deals – CruiseCompete.com – “Handy! This site organizes bargains by categories, and has a page for Family Cruise Specials: a good way to find cheaper cruises, on a variety of lines.”
  • TravelandLeisure.com

Workplace Fairness
Workplace Fairness, with the web’s leading source for information on legal rights in the workplace, is an organization that can help those who have been treated unfairly in the workplace. It’s also a nonprofit organization that advocates for and promotes employee rights.

The Workplace Fairness website, www.workplacefairness.org, provides comprehensive information about job rights and employment issues nationally and in all 50 states. It is for workers, employers, advocates, policymakers, journalists and anyone else who wants to understand, protect and strengthen workers’ rights.

Fox 2 Detroit
Erika Erickson
April 15, 2020
Birmingham company’s website helps you feed front line workers and support local restaurants
Co-founder & CEO of marketing company Combustion, Sefi Grossman says he and his team have been working closely with small businesses and some are really struggling.

Cruises-N-More Cruises-N-More on Facebook Cruises-N-More on Twitter
Cruises-N-More is ranked in the top 1% of cruise agencies in the nation, celebrating over 20 years of dedicated service in the travel industry. Cruises-N-More’s compliments and mentions give you insight into the company and why they are so highly acclaimed with travelers and the media alike! As seen in Frommer’s, USA Today, MSNBC, Royal Caribbean International, Examiner.com, Yahoo Finance, Miami Herald & Jags Report.

Hawaii.com Hawaii.com on Facebook Hawaii.com on Twitter
As the state’s largest commercial Web site, Hawaii.com is committed to being the source for all things Hawaii. It is the Internet’s all-inclusive website for travel to, from and around the Islands of Hawaii. It offers visitors unmatched ease in booking the perfect dream vacation: from airline tickets to lodging, car rentals to tee times, dining to snorkeling, leis to aloha shirts, anything to everything. If it’s in Hawaii, it’s on Hawaii.com!

AllThingsCruise.com AllThingsCruise.com on Facebook AllThingsCruise.com on Twitter
AllThingsCruise.com is the leading website for cruise enthusiasts, with rich content about cruise vacations.

CruiseBrothers.com CruiseBrothers.com on Facebook CruiseBrothers.com on Twitter
CruiseBrothers.com is recognized by Frommer’s as one of the 15 Top Cruise Brokers.

The British Traveler The British Traveler Blog CruiseCompete.com on Facebook The British Traveler on Twitter
TheBritishTraveler.com specializes in travel content about the U.K. and offers travel booking ability to those interested in visiting the U.K. TheBritishTraveler is the first website in a series of niche travel sites to be launched by the World Tourism Network.

Polar Expedition Club

The Polar Expedition Club was created for the benefit of those fortunate few who have experienced the wonders offered by the Polar regions.

The Club offers a social venue where like-minded polar travelers can share their experiences of the Northern Lights, polar wildlife, and majestic mountain scenery, to name but a few polar delights.

Membership in The Club is limited to those who have actually visited the Polar regions & spouses, or those who have an existing booking for a polar trip.